Earn free paypal money on incentivized websites

There are different ways to get some freebies on the internet. It would require some effort of course, but very minimal capital or most likely, none at all. The freebies can be claimed upon completion of certain action or task from the person or online user. It is called incentivized user action. It means the online user would be given a particular incentive upon completion of a task such as answering a survey or watching a video. Really, it all depends on the web developer on how he wants the user to complete the particular action. One example is a task on how to earn free paypal money. Many website owners who own ecommerce stores would have this incentivized promo.

The online store owner or ecommerce website owner would ask the volunteered owner to visit their website and login using their own credentials. The user would login and then follow the next instructions. In order to earn free paypal money, the user would be required to click on an icon to complete a particular survey. The online user must ensure that he clicks the correct link so that he would receive the paypay credits accordingly.

The online survey is not that difficult at all. Of course there is no right or wrong answer. The user just needs to be able to answer all items to be able to qualify. He also needs to be very honest with his answers. Because it is a survey, the owner needs to know the actual condition or answers based on the real response of an actual consumer. Many of these surveys are used for consumer behavior research. The website owners want to know online user behaviors to be able to update their website to match the visitor behaviors, and the eventually correlate it to buying.

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